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2024 School Calendar

Asia Language Centre contacts:

  • 0466 808 588
  • 0468 618 198


Term 1

27 January - 23 March (9 weeks)

Term 2

20 April - 15 June (9 weeks)



Term 3

13 July - 14 September (10 weeks)

Term 4

05 October - 23 November (8 weeks)


The annual calendar may be slightly changed if necessary.

A Parents & Teachers’ meeting is held once each term during the last class: 11:30-12:00.

The 2025 school year at Asia Language Centre commences Saturday, 01 February 2025.



Currently there are not any vacancies for teachers. However, please send your CV to


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Art Course Guide 2024

Art course

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The Asian Painting Class teaches the basics of painting, develops and enhances students' interest in painting while training students in painting techniques such as colour matching, pen, composition, and teaching them how to use painting materials. In addition, the teacher will intersperse some master works, so that students have some understanding of the history of art.



Beginner class

The aim of the basic class painting training is to develop the children's intelligence, and to make them learn a way of self-independent observation, combination and expression of the world. The main task is to cultivate young children's interest in art, develop their observation, memory, imagination, creativity and image thinking ability; coordination and operation ability of hand muscles. We use pencils, brushes, colour pens and a variety of painting materials and tools to mix and paint.

Intermediate class

[Picasso said: "I can draw like a master in a short time, but I will spend my whole life learning to paint like a child."]

In the study of painting, the children's world is pure, unrestrained, this stage of the painting course will be introduced by the theme, so that the child's initiative to create, to cultivate image thinking ability, observation ability and creative ability. In addition to drawing skills to learn, in the classroom to cultivate self-affirmation and self-confidence in the present and future to make children more open to the creation and expression. Hope that children's painting class can become a child's expectations, even exciting expectations.

Materials used in class: crayon, colour pencil, watercolour, acrylic, etc.

Advanced Class

The teaching goal of advanced class is: To inspire aesthetics, design and art ideas to create a unique art of unlimited extension of the possibility. Through the history of world art, we will enrich students ' sensitivity to art and enrich their inner feelings of art.

The senior class meeting uses the pencil, the colour pencil, the acrylic, the watercolour, the ink even to use the mixture medium to complete the work.

Oil painting class

Oil painting class, students are required to learn a variety of paints and brushes, toner and other materials applications. Understand the basic elements of oil painting. Through the study of painting classes hope to enable students in the extra-curricular independent painting or create their own works.